Planning Permission refused for 202 Berth Marina in Hindlip, Worcester 19-09-2011
Location: Cummins Farm, Hindlip Lane, Hindlip, Worcester, WR3 8ST

Proposal: Construction of 202 berth canal boat marina basin with mooring jetties; walkways and service bollards; administration / shower block; service quay with fuel, pump out, elsan disposal; tow-path lift bridge; 101 car parking spaces, 2 non specific residential moorings; and landscaping

Wychavon district council refused permission for the marina development with the following statement:

"The protection of the openness of the Green Belt is an overriding planning consideration and there is a presumption against inappropriate development within it. It is considered that the scale of the proposed 202 berth marina and its associated development including the moorings; jetties/walkways; access road; the built development (i.e. the workshop and facilities buildings) associated with the marina and the proposed extensive excavation and regrading of land would have a significant impact upon the openness of the Green Belt and represent inappropriate development that causes harm by definition. Very special circumstances to justify inappropriate development will not exist unless the harm by reason of inappropriateness and any other harm is outweighed by other considerations."

More information is available at:

Application No: 10/02854