Full Plan refusal for the construction of a 140 berth marina in Solihull 19-09-2011
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council refused the application for a marina development in Knowle with the following statement:

"The site to which this proposal relates is in an area where Green Belt policies apply. It is considered that the proposal amounts to inappropriate development as it constitutes an engineering operation that does not maintain the openness of the Green Belt and it conflicts with the purposes of including land in the Green Belt. Having regard to the scale and artificial nature of the engineering operations and extensive re-grading, together with the associated urbanising effects, it is considered to have a significant impact on the openness of the Green Belt. The proposed development is therefore harmful, by definition and by other harm, and substantial weight is given to this factor. It is not considered that there are very special circumstances of sufficient weight to clearly outweigh the harm caused and therefore it is considered to be contrary to Policy C2 of the Solihull UDP and PPG2 Green Belts.

(2) The site to which this proposal relates is adjacent to grade II listed building, Grove Farm and its curtilage outbuildings. Policy ENV6 of the adopted Solihull UDP (2006) states that in considering proposals for development, the Council will safeguard and encourage the enhancement of the special character of Listed Buildings. The proposed development would introduction extensive modifications to the landscape, creating an isolated intrusion, which would unacceptably detract from the setting of the agricultural context of the grade II Listed Building, Grove Farm and its curtilage listed buildings. The proposal therefore conflicts with Policy ENV6 of the Solihull UDP (2006).

(3) The site lies within Flood Zone 1 defined by PPS 25. Insufficient information has been submitted to demonstrate that the proposal would not result in flooding on and off site. In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, the proposal is considered to pose an unacceptable risk of flooding, contrary to Policy ENV21 of the Solihull UDP 2006 and to PPS25"

For more information please visit:
http://www.solihull.gov.uk/planning/dc/ViewApp.asp (need to enter year 2009, application no. 1028)