BW Online Mooring Reduction report September 2011 19-09-2011
In 2007 British Waterways introduced a policy to reduce online moorings within their network of canals and rivers. This policy commits to reducing online moorings within a 30 mile radius of every newly commissioned marina at a ratio of 1:10 within 12 months of a new marina opening. This means that with a new 200 berth marina on the British Waterways network, 20 online berths would be removed within a 30 mile radius.

The most recent report of reductions is available by clicking here or as a download on the TYHA website. It includes the date by which closures should be complete, name of the marina opened along with the number of berths created, the navigation on which the marina is located and the number of closures required. It then details where moorings have been closed, the navigation on which they are located and the number of berths closed. A further table shows the sites where closures have taken place, the number of berths closed and the marina these relate to.

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These reports are produced every 6 months in time for the Inland Marina Forum and the next meeting will be held on the 14th March 2012 at Duraflex in Tewkesbury. More details will be posted soon but if you have any agenda items for this meeting please forward them directly to Gareth Turnbull. (