What is the Gold Anchor Scheme?

What is the Gold Anchor Scheme?

The Gold Anchor scheme has been developed by the marina industry with the specific objective of raising standards and providing customer centric services.

The Scheme assists marinas to position and differentiate themselves in the market place. Participation also provides a global performance benchmarking that contributes to continual business improvement.  For consumers, Gold Anchor helps in their evaluation and selection of marinas aligned with their needs.

Marinas entering the Gold Anchor scheme can choose to self-assess against the core scheme criteria or be independently assessed by one of the expert assessor team.

Feedback from participating marinas confirms the significant value associated with an audit every three years  by a highly experienced marina professional checking systems, infrastructure and customer service whilst also providing innovative ideas for improvement. 

The self-assessed Scheme is most suited to marinas preparing for future accreditation within the next three years and who adhere to the values of Gold Anchor and want to show their commitment to those values by flying the Gold Anchor flag.   

This Global Scheme is jointly administered by The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) and the Marina Industries Association (MIA). TYHA delivers the Scheme in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. MIA delivers the Scheme in Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Pacific Regions including Australia and NZ. In the Americas the Scheme is jointly delivered by TYHA and MIA.

For more information on joining the Gold Anchor scheme:

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