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Beds on Board
The Boat House
57 High Street
Hampshire, England
SO41 9AH
United Kingdom

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Telephone: +44 (0) 203 795 5006

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Beds on Board

Beds  on  Board  connects  guests  and  owners  for  amazing  stays  on  boats.  

We  are  a  peer-to-peer  platform  that  allows  boat  owners  to  offset  the  

cost  of  ownership  by  renting  their  vacant  boats  to  overnight  guests.  

Boats  are  perfect  for  family  breaks,  weekend  escapes,  romantic  getaways  or  for  simply  finding  an  option  when  hotels  and  B&Bs  aren’t  available,  such  as  boat  shows  and  other  events.  

Boat  owners  are  paying  their  mooring  fees  and  meeting  great  guests.  They  are  keeping  their  boats  aired  and  professionally  cleaned,  ready  for  them  to  enjoy  free  boating.  

To  book  a  stay,  or  list  a  boat  for  free,  head  to  today.


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