Aquavista Launches Unprecedented Customer Benefits Package

London, UK – Aquavista, the UK’s premier residential and leisure mooring provider, has today launched an ambitious package of benefits to all annual contract holders across the company’s 29 marinas. 


The ‘Moor Benefits’ scheme, the first of its kind within the market, will provide eligible Aquavista customers with a range of special offers and discounts, as well as 34 nights free of charge mooring across the marina network under its new ‘Explore34’ product.


Benefits of the scheme include a wide range of boating offers for customers to enjoy, both at their local marina and on their travels to other Aquavista marinas.


Customers will be entitled to deals including 10% off red diesel at all available marinas, 10% off chandlery and shop and 5% off Calor gas, coal and logs. Plus within the scheme, Aquavista has partnered with local businesses

around their marinas to provide customers with offers on everything from dog groomers to hairdressers to gyms and restaurants. 


Additionally customers who live on the marinas on residential contracts will be automatically registered for an account with lifestyle savings company ‘Vivup’, providing access to a huge range of discounts across the UK’s major retailers including supermarkets, technology, fashion, travel and much more.


Speaking at the launch of the ‘Moor benefits’ scheme, Aquavista CEO Steve de Polo said; “We are very excited to be launching our new Moor Benefits scheme today. There is nothing else like this currently in the market.


‘Moor’ is the most important new product we’ve launched as a company since our rebrand to Aquavista in 2019 and will give our customers a wide range of boating offers, tons of really good lifestyle discounts and up to 34 nights of free stop-overs at other Aquavista marinas.


It has been a challenging few years for everyone and we really want to provide our customers with these extra benefits as a reward and thank you - and to help them take full advantage of our extensive marina network and to encourage adventures on the waterways.


Over the next 12 months we will be introducing additional ‘Moor’ offers for our customers to help them to make the most of waterside living.”


Not only does the new ‘Explore 34’ initiative, give customers the opportunity to stay at any Aquavista marina for up to 34 nights, at no extra cost, but coastal based customers will also be able to take advantage of Aquavista’s membership of TransEurope Marinas, enjoying a 50% berthing discount for up to five days a year within the European network. 


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