British Marine Brixit Webinar

Thursday 8 October 11 - 11.30

Thursday 8 October, 11-11:30am


Brexit: An introduction to the changes coming into effect at the end of the Transition Period


This session is the first in a series of webinars hosted by British Marine to give our members all the latest advice and guidance to help them prepare for the end of the Transition Period. These webinars will help our members to understand what action should be taken to ensure they are fully prepared for January 2021.



•             Ross Wombwell, Head of Technical Services, British Marine

•             Brian Clark, Head of Public Affairs, Policy and Research, British Marine


To register follow link below.


How can you help?
Please keep an eye out on social media for the webinar posts and reshare them with a comment!


How do Members Register?

The webinars are a member benefit providing useful support for them at this difficult time. Any non-members who wish to watch the webinar will be forwarded to the Membership Team for follow-up.

Members can register for the Webinar via the link in latest news, through the website or social media.


The software we use is GoToWebinar. Members do not need to hold an account with GoToWebinar to attend the webinar. The joining instructions provided will be very clear and detailed. They will be included as part of the registration email they receive.


How do members ask questions when the webinar has started?

Questions can be raised by members through the questions function on their screens during the webinar. We will endeavour to answer these during the webinar and will also create a series of FAQs and links to guide our members to further information on the re-launched British Marine Brexit microsite.


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.




Frances Marley

Senior Public Affairs and Policy Executive        

British Marine  



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