British Marine Webinars

As of Thursday 9 April, British Marine will be producing a weekly Webinar for members. These will take place between 11-12 on a Thursday.

The first webinar starts this Thursday at 11am and the title of the webinar is ‘COVID-19: Industry Briefing & Q&A’.

 There will be a brief government update, a talk on furloughing and then a Q&A session on Covid-19. British Marine Employees are encouraged to attend and constructive feedback after the event is welcome! This can be sent to

The Webinar will be live, but also recorded and available for those unable to attend. 

Future Webinars will cover a multitude of different topics – from Brexit to ethical exhibiting, apprenticeships to open forums. 


How do Members Register?

The webinars are a member benefit providing useful support for you at this difficult time. Any non-members who wish to watch the webinar will be forwarded to the Membership Team for follow-up. Members can register for the webinars on the British Marine website:


How do members ask questions when the webinar has started?

Questions can be raised by members through the questions function on your screens during the webinar. This will alert the moderator (Blue) of the question and he can filter the questions, then invite the you to ask the question at the appropriate time. Any member questions that are not answered during the webinar will be picked up by a member of the team to respond afterwards.


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