ENGLAND - New amber list rules if vaccinated in Europe and USA

Governments new amber list rules

ENGLAND - New amber list rules if vaccinated in Europe or the USA

Following the Governments new amber list rules for England which state:

‘From 2 August (4am), if you’re coming to England from an amber list country and have been fully vaccinated in the USA or Europe you will not have to quarantine or take a day 8 test on arrival’.

We have sort clarity from Government on what these new rules mean to leisure craft arriving at English marinas from USA or Europe (amber listed).

Referring to the following - Quarantine and testing if you've been in an amber list country - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) we stated that we have concerned marina operators who don’t know what they should be doing if, for example, a private yacht arrives at their marina from an amber list country:

As there is no travel operator involved in a private boat crossing, what happens when the craft arrives?

Is there an expectation that marinas need to start policing this and checking proof of valid tests etc?

Government responded saying that where there isn’t a transport operator e.g. for pleasure craft or general aviation, those requirements do not apply and only the passenger requirements apply.

They went on to say that we can reassure marinas that there are no requirements for marinas to check border measures when vessels arrive. If Border Force need to attend, they will check the border requirements for passengers and take action if needed.

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