IGY Yacht Haven Grande Achieves Gold Anchor Platinum

IGY's Yacht Haven Grande Marina - St. Thomas, USVI becomes the first North American marina to ever be awarded Gold Anchor 'Platinum' Level accreditation from The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA).

The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) manages possibly the oldest and most prestigious international marina rating system in the world, and by attaining their highest possible accreditation, IGY's Yacht Haven Grande Marina establishes itself as one of the best marinas in the world.

The arduous process to attain a platinum level rating required Yacht Haven Grande Marina to pass a comprehensive external audit encompassing design, operations, polices, procedures, communications, destination integration, and an independently administered review of the marina’s customer service enquiry standards.  The fact that Yacht Haven Grande Marina caters to the largest superyachts in the world (up to 600ft’ / 182m) on a remote Caribbean Island, makes this achievement even more outstanding given the level of bespoke services required for this unique market segment.

Capping off this achievement is the resounding recovery of Yacht Haven Grande Marina and the island of St. Thomas after the 2017 hurricanes.  Only four (4) marinas have ever been awarded the platinum level designation by TYHA with none, except Yacht Haven Grande Marina, attaining this status after overcoming two single year Category Five hurricanes.   With Yacht Haven Grande Marina currently operating at its highest potential, the team is looking forward to a busy 2019/2020 winter charter season and is at the ready to showcase one of the Caribbean’s most alluring destinations to the world.

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