Teos Marina Awarded 5 Gold Anchors

5 Gold Anchors for Quality: Teos Marina

Built with the build-operate-transfer model of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Teos Marina was once again deemed worthy of 5 Golden Anchor awards by TYHA (The Yacht Harbor Association), which has been setting the quality standards in the marina industry for more than 25 years.

Teos Marina, which has continued to serve by increasing its service quality every year since 2010, was awarded 5 Golden Anchors by TYHA for the first time in 2011. Teos Marina, which was deemed worthy of this prestigious award once again in 2022 and re-cement its international quality assurance, is a marina with high environmental awareness, customer-oriented service understanding, and high-quality land and sea services. Teos marina is also a Blue Flag certified marina accredited by the world's largest environmental education institution FEE – Foundation for Environmental Education.

Teos Marina, a favorite of domestic and foreign yacht owners, offers all kinds of maintenance and repair services on the dock area, which can accommodate 80 boats, with a 75-ton travellift, a maximum 7.30 cm wide boat towing and dropping service, a fixed crane with a 3 tons carrying capacity and a fixed crane with a carrying capacity of 25 tons. There is also a fuel station and a waste water collection point, a contaminated waste collection center, a waste oil collection center and a bilge collection station within the scope of environmental cleaning services at the slip yard.

In experienced technical workshops that can carry out all kinds of maintenance on boats, engine and machinery maintenance and repair works, electrical and electronic works, wood and carpentry works, paint and polyester services, metal works, tarpaulin, rigging and hardware works are carried out. There is also a yacht market in the facility that provides boat equipment, sails, inflatable boats, outboard motors and brokerage services.

Quality and Comfortable Marina Life

Teos Marina, which creates areas where boat owners can spend quality and comfortable time with its common use areas such as the Sundeck Platform and the Garden of Eden opened in 2020, will present Teos Marina Bazaar, where a major renovation work has been carried out and will be completed at the beginning of May 2022. In the open-concept bazaar section, which will become the meeting point of visitors with its brand-new face in the new season, it will become the center of attraction where you can spend quality time with its food and beverage units such as cafés and restaurants, entertainment venues, jewelry store and boutiques. The swimming pool, which has been completely renovated within the scope of the renovation, will be open to both yachtsmen and visitors from outside throughout the season.

After the unfortunate tsunami disaster on October 30, 2020, Teos Marina transformed the crisis into an opportunity by renewing its entire infrastructure in a short time, and will double the number of pedal bikes and golf carts in the 2022 summer season, so that boat owners can enjoy the marina life to the fullest.

Teos Marina General Manager Faruk Günlü said “Since 2018, we have been working at sea, on the boatyard, in the technical workshops with 100% occupancy and we still have a long waiting list. This year we aim for 100% occupancy in our bazaar area after the renovation.” “We are working hard to provide quality service to all Teos Marina Family members and marina visitors with our experienced team on the way we started with the slogan "Teos Marina, the address of peace and trust". Our new investments that will increase comfort and quality will continue.” he continued.

Teos Marina continues to be a center of attraction that brings everyone together, right in the heart of the rising value of the Aegean, Sigacik, which stands out with its unspoiled nature, turquoise coves, historical texture, helpful people, natural products and local flavors.

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