World Ocean Day - 8th June 2023

World Ocean Day - 8th June 2023

This #WorldOceanDay we can all do our part to lower our impact whilst on the water, ensuring cleaner, healthier waters for everyone to enjoy. 

Show your commitment to the ocean by joining the sustainable boating community and make your @TheGreenBlue Boating Pledge to Respect, Protect & Enjoy our boating environment -


As gatekeepers to our oceans and waterways, marinas recognise the importance of doing all they can to ensure their operations do not pollute our coastal and inland waters; Clean Marina is designed to help them with this objective.

TYHA’s initial focus for Clean Marina is to help marinas get the basics right such as blackwater capture and treatment, correctly managing segregated and hazardous waste, spill prevention and treatment, washdown capture and filtration, drain interception, using sustainable products and preventing plastic pollution, and of course, influencing tenants, contractors and boaters to be more sustainable too.

Marinas do not consider sustainability a competitive aspect of their business and therefore are very open to sharing what they learn with others to help the entire industry protect our oceans and waterways.

The sharing of best practice with all our members is therefore at the heart of Clean Marina. Much of the knowledge and expertise that our industry needs however will not necessarily come from within therefore working with other expert organisations is central to the success of Clean Marina.

In addition to the sharing of best practice we have also developed a Clean Marina accreditation standard which is now available to TYHA members who wish to show their continual commitment to sustainability by flying the Clean Marina flag, should you wish to be considered for the Clean Marina accreditation please contact Hayley Cloke:


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