The Green Blue

The Green Blue

The Green Blue is the joint environment initiative between the Royal Yachting Association and British Marine, established in 2005 at the Southampton Boat Show.

As a boating community we enjoy getting out on the water and experiencing the beautiful environment around us. The Green Blue plays an important role in helping to raise awareness of key environmental issues and the good practice that the recreational boating sector can adopt and facilitate to protect our marine and inland waters.

The Green Blue aims to:

Inspire sustainable recreational boating by:

  • Identifying and raising awareness of key environmental issues;
  • Providing tailored information, guidance and an array of resources to support recreational boating in adopting and sharing good practice;
  • Delivering environmental awareness talks, presentations, workshops, educational activities and training;
  • Discovering and raising awareness of more sustainable products and services through The Green Blue Business Directory[KF1] ;
  • Working closely with government agencies and bodies such as Natural England and the Environment Agency;
  • Developing partnerships and projects with other organisations, trusts, charities and marine businesses.
  • As a marina you can help us raise awareness and promote good practice.
  • See The Green Blue website for a range of guidance, support and resources:
  • Advice on making your facilities and operations [OW2] more sustainable, including your legal requirements as well as guidance on waste management, energy usage and pollution control.
  • A wide selection of awareness-raising resources [OW3] including informative guides, posters and newsletter graphics.
  • Our campaigns[OW4] , such as ‘Stop the Spread!’ and ‘Protect Collect Dispose’, and how you can get involved.

For more information on The Green Blue contact or visit

The Green Blue is supported and funded by:

The Royal Yachting Association

The Royal Yachting Association is the national governing body for all forms of recreational and competitive boating. It represents dinghy and yacht racing, motor and sail cruising, RIBs and powerboats, windsurfing, inland cruising and personal watercraft. The RYA represents the rights of its 110,000 personal members as well as the interests of a further 350,000 boat owners who are members of RYA affiliated clubs and class associations. In 2005 the Royal Yachting Association and British Marine initiated and launched The Green Blue as a joint project to recognise the growing importance of sustainable boating and to build on its existing environmental work. The RYA makes an annual financial contribution to The Green Blue as well as value in kind to house and support the team of staff.

British Marine

British Marine is the trade association for the marine leisure industries representing the interests of boat builders, marine equipment manufacturers, marina operators, hire and charter companies and chandleries. Membership runs to over 1,500 companies throughout the UK, in both inland and coastal locations, and British Marine represents the interests of member companies to both National Government and in Europe. In 2005 British Marine and the Royal Yachting Association initiated and launched The Green Blue. British Marine makes an annual financial contribution to The Green Blue as well as value in kind in a number of areas including The Green Blue website and support with The Green Blue’s profile at National Boat Shows.


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