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Clean Sailors
7 Bell Yard
United Kingdom

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Clean Sailors

Launched in July 2020, Clean Sailors is a project aimed at raising awareness of ocean conservation issues within the global sailing community, setting a new standard of sailing and sailor.

As sailors, the sea is our pleasure, our passion and our pastime, and we recognise the great responsibility we have in helping to safeguard its clean and healthy future.

We recognise our responsibility to look after the seas we sail.

We use our website, newsletter and social media platforms to share news, science, best practice and tips with the sailing and sea-loving community. We increase awareness of key environmental topics, educating, encouraging  and mobilising sailors all over the world in accepting their role as guardians of our seas. We provide practical tips and recommendation on simple switches we can all make to be more responsible sailors (and citizens!).

We share stories, science, research, knowledge, ideas and recommendations with and from our community, and beyond

We support our partners and other organisations dedicated to sea conservation, sharing their sustainable brands with our following

We sell ethically-sourced and sustainable Clean Sailors products to raise awareness of our project, sailing and ocean conservation. As a not-for-profit, 100% of proceeds circle back in Clean Sailors to support and grow our project

We campaign through lobbying, explaining, sharing and canvassing those that can help make change happen

How we do it

1. Clean Sailors is a not-for-profit organisation meaning what we make is returned straight back into our organisation to keep us running.

2. We only source from ethical companies with strong environmental sustainability creds. All are ethical, sustainable, low-tox, cruelty-free and low impact, just like us.

3. All of our packaging is made from non-plastic and recycled material we ask that you do the same at your end - Reuse or Recycle.

4. We are carbon - neutral. Of course. We work with a climate partner to remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we put in through the running of our project.

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